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supporting caregivers of children with trachs and on ventilators 

Support is provided to families with children who are dependent on
  • tracheostomies
  • ventilators
  • CPAP or BiPAP

The mission of TrachCare is to provide a means for families who share similar experiences of caring for children with trachs to:

  • Connect with each other
  • Share relevant resources and information
  • Promote an advocacy-focused network

In June 2004, two moms of children who are vent dependent with trachs, met at a conference.  As they shared their daily experiences of raising a child with a trach, they found their discussions effortless and comforting. It did not take them long to realize that meeting other families who share similar experiences was importatn and helpful. As one of them said, "I wish we could meet more parents of children with trachs. Sometimes, I feel like we are the only ones."

When serendipity brought them again at another conference a few weeks later, they were filled with a sense of destiny. The two moms reached out and found other families enthusiastic about a support group. Initial funding came in the form of a Hausslein Early Intervention Parent Leadership Award through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The “Core Team” of parents helped make this vision for Trach Care a reality and in May 2005, the first meeting was held in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Ten families, and a nurse from an area hospital attended.  This is how TrachCare was born!



In the Beginning